Kitchen & Washroom Supplies

At Stuart and Dun Office Choice you can purchase your tea room supplies, with everything from tea and coffee to dinner plates, and have them delivered straight to your office along with all of your everyday stationery needs.

Making a clean choice

We also offer a range of Clean Choice products for the kitchen, laundry and for office surfaces. These include: Dish Detergent; Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser; Premium Chlorinated Machine Dishwashing Powder; Lemon Disinfectant and Pine Disinfectant.

A clean working environment can create a healthier workforce and in turn healthier profits too.

Keeping hands clean at work

Every workplace harbors thousands upon thousands of bacteria in every nook and cranny. Keeping your hands clean helps cut back on employees becoming ill and taking time off work because of germs.

Our GOJO Hand Hygiene solution incorporates leading hand sanitizer brand PURELL and GOJO hand cleaners so that everyone is protected wherever they go at work, from the restroom, to their desk or communal staff areas.

Kitchen & Washroom Supplies - Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Central CoastKitchen & Washroom Supplies - Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Central Coast

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