What You Need To Know When Buying Printer Ink

With the prices of printers decreasing all the time, it’s not surprising that they’ve become staple items in households. As a result, the market for ink has become more and more competitive – not only with genuine inkjet printer cartridges made by the manufacturer, but also with generic, cheaper versions designed to fit most printers.

How You Can Use Colour to Your Advantage

Colour is a powerful tool when it comes to the mind - it can change the way you feel and react to your environment.

Use colour to your advantage in the workplace by selecting the right coloured product to get the best out of its function. You never know, choosing the right coloured stationery could not only effect your mindset, but your colleagues too!

See how the primary colours below can be used in the most effective way possible on your desk, or in the office.

The Comprehensive Stationery Style Edit

This post was inspired by our inquisitive curiosity with trending patterns, colours, shapes and materials for stationers in 2016. We present to you a one-stop Go-To reference point for all your stationery style desires.

Wild UrbanismAll different shades of green – apple, crisp mint, lime green, moss etc.

3 Ways To Simplify Your EOFY

Every year when June arrives to chill our fingertips, there’s one F-bomb that takes over every Australian office. This F-bomb is the word “financials.” For those who aren’t already starting to feel the strain of the End of Financial Year (EOFY). It’s June.

Four Time Wasting Remedies

On average, most Australian’s spend at least eight hours per day sitting at a desk. Sadly, some research suggests at least 30% of our time is spent chewing on the unproductive fat of wasted time. This doesn’t mean that we’re sitting at our computers playing Candy Crush either! Unfortunately, most wasted time is inflicted upon us by unpredicted distractions.