6 Essentials for Paper Crafts


Having a wide range of different papers will ensure your crafts collection is ready for anything. Paper is an affordable resource and comes in a variety of different sizes, thicknesses and transparencies to suit different crafts. For example, tissue paper is ideal for wrapping items, while translucent glassine paper can be used for envelopes and bags.

3 Tips for Keeping Office Supplies Organised

The organisation of office supplies and products can assist with the organisation of your entire working area. Here are some ways to ensure your office is the most organised and productive space possible.

Conduct a Thorough De-Clutter

It’s easy to go overboard when shopping for office supplies as each New Year draws in.

Four good reasons to use a monitor arm

We all know that sitting or standing with bad posture all day using a computer is bad for your health. Leaning forward or tilting your head up or down not only causes back and neck strain but is also bad for your eyes. A comfortable workspace is essential to your well-being and work performance at home and in the office.

Revolutionise The Way You Shred

AutoMax™ shredders offer a truly walk away shredding experience, automatically shredding stacks of paper at the push of a button. Now you can shred common stacks of paper as they are – no pulling out staples and paper clips or even smoothing wrinkled papers.

Top 10 Online Safety Tips

Your online safety is important to us. With scams & security issues becoming increasingly prevalent in the online space today, your safety is more important than ever. We've got 10 tips to keep you safe online, so you can be alert & aware and keep your online information private!

1. Double Check Links Within Emails

Before you click any links within an email, check the URL! While it might look okay, the page could take you to a site that extracts your personal information.

House Rule #1 – Keep It Confidential

Identity fraud is not just something that happens online – hard copies of sensitive information also provide a high level of risk. Private information such as your date of birth, mother’s maiden name and passwords are as valuable as money. This is enough information for a fraudster to open bank accounts, apply for credit cards, loans and much more.

​Mood Boosters to Uplift Your Office

They say that your environment affects your mood, so it’s no wonder that productivity and attention span is diminished in an office with terrible lighting, devoid of anything vibrant and personal. Maybe it’s workload that’s getting the best of you, but believe it or not, the methods to increase productivity and engagement might be easier than you think.

How Can A Sit Stand Desk Improve Your Health?

We all know we need to be more active, but there is increasing evidence that we also need to spend less time sitting down. Over the past 10 years, study after study has confirmed sitting for prolonged periods of time is harmful to your health.

More than half of the average person’s waking hours are spent sitting: working at a computer, commuting, watching television or other physically inactive pursuits, but all that sitting could be sending us to an early grave – even those who exercise up to an hour a day.