What’s the Hype About Sit Stand Desks?

What’s the Hype About Sit Stand Desks?


What’s the Hype About Sit Stand Desks? Are There Any Benefits?

Most adults in Australia spend more than 7 hours each day sitting, and this can increase to up to 10 hours as we age. There are problems with this, as our bodies aren’t designed to be static all day. Some of the ill effects of prolonged sitting include neck strain, herniated disks, muscle degeneration and weakened bones. While sitting might feel most comfortable because you’re in the habit of it, it may not be the best option for your health. Enter the idea of standing at work. There are many benefits of sit stand desks, some of which we will discuss below.

Sit Stand Desks Increase Productivity

Productivity is proven to increase by up to 10-20% in some scientific studies looking at the effect of standing desks on workers. This is because your large muscle groups are doing all the work in keeping you upright, which is a more efficient use of energy in the body, leaving more blood flow to go to the brain.

Allow for Improved Blood Flow

As we suggested above, the way you position your body can help or hinder your blood flow. Having your legs crossed and bent under a chair is not helpful to blood flow, but when your body is standing straight, blood can flow around your body more easily which helps power your thinking.

Affect Mood Positively

Standing up at a desk of adjustable height can literally give you a whole new perspective on your work. It’s like a breath of fresh air for your brain, and given what we were saying about blood flow, it makes perfect sense that one of the benefits of standing is that it helps pick up your mood.

Alleviate & Prevent Pain

When we sit for long periods of time, we put strain and pressure on our bodies by keeping them in unnatural positions. This can lead to chronic neck, shoulder and back pain. One of the benefits of sit stand desks is that this pain can be prevented and alleviated by allowing a worker to stand more during the day.

Burn Calories

An extra bonus for those who are health-conscious is that standing up actually burns more calories than sitting down. This means you can burn calories while doing your work all day just by standing up. There are even standing desks for monitors now, so no matter what type of computer you use, you can reap the benefits of standing while you work every day.

What Are the Guidelines for Sit Stand Desks?

  • Alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day
  • Adjust your desk and screen to your body dimensions
  • Purchase an anti-fatigue mat
  • Change keyboard and mouse position when you change between sitting and standing
  • Use arm supports
  • Remember to take breaks

Looking for Standing Desks?

If you’ve heard all the benefits of sit stand desks and you’re ready to buy, look no further than Office Choice. We have a broad range of sit stand desks that can help you be more productive and enjoy better posture. Browse our range online or contact us on enuiries@officechoice.com.au if you have any questions.

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