What You Need To Know When Buying Printer Ink

What You Need To Know When Buying Printer Ink


With the prices of printers decreasing all the time, it’s not surprising that they’ve become staple items in households. As a result, the market for ink has become more and more competitive – not only with genuine inkjet printer cartridges made by the manufacturer, but also with generic, cheaper versions designed to fit most printers. So why should you choose a genuine cartridge when a generic one could save you some money and might be easier to find?

The Benefits of Name Brand Ink

The quality of inkjet printer cartridges can vary greatly. To ensure the best quality results for printing, it’s important to use a cartridge that’s designed for your machine. A cheaper alternative can leave you with colours that don’t quite match up with what you had in mind. Over time, the ink may also fade, or simply not provide the vibrancy of genuine ink.

Most ink cartridges also come with a warranty, whether it’s genuine or generic. The big difference is what that warranty will cover. If you use generic ink and something goes very wrong, you’ll usually only be covered for the cost of the cartridge. If you opt for a genuine cartridge, however, you’re more likely to be covered for any damage to the printer as well as the replacement ink cartridge.

The Risks of Using Generic Ink

Using an ink cartridge that’s not specifically designed for your printer will mean it may not fit as well as one that is. This means there’s a risk of the cartridge damaging the printer on installation, or damaging the ink head during use. Not only can the printer be damaged in this way, but the cartridge itself could become broken and cause leaks. Small leaks can be fixed and the printer can be saved, but if left unnoticed, it could be time to say goodbye to your printer and invest in a new one.

Other Things to Note

  • Claims that generic brands are more readily available are not always true. Office Choice stores stock a wide variety of genuine inkjet printer cartridges both in store and online.
  • Alternative inks are usually produced to fit as many printers as possible, starting with the most popular models. If you choose to purchase a printer that’s new to the market or less popular, you might be hard pressed to find an unbranded ink that will fit.
  • The cost is the sole reason why consumers look to generic brands to begin with. However, when considering the overall risks of using an alternative, the benefits of genuine ink are worthwhile in the long run.
  • Refilling ink rather than buying a new cartridge is another growing trend in the market. Refilling an ink cartridge has its own set of risks associated with it. The ink can bubble, leak or overflow during the refilling process. A third party cartridge may not be durable enough to withstand multiple refillings or might not be compatible with the process. Genuine inkjet printer cartridges are sturdier, but a chip resetter may be necessary to allow the cartridge to be reused.

While the price of a genuine inkjet printer cartridge may put you off at first, it is well worth the cost for the peace of mind, warranties and quality.

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