The Comprehensive Stationery Style Edit

The Comprehensive Stationery Style Edit


This post was inspired by our inquisitive curiosity with trending patterns, colours, shapes and materials for stationers in 2016. We present to you a one-stop Go-To reference point for all your stationery style desires.

Wild Urbanism

  • All different shades of green – apple, crisp mint, lime green, moss etc. to achieve an earthy look.
  • Patterns include gardening motifs, flowers, plants and vegetables.
  • Materials include cork, bark, natural woods and faux foliage to create a “wild” aesthetic appearance.

Playful Colour

  • Colour blocking and striking patterns are all the rage.
  • The colour palette includes bright pastels and colours.
  • Patterns have dimension and dynamism.
  • Patterns are bold and have colour clashing elements incorporated into the design/one collection.


  • Exotic glamour with dark shades and tones to be seduced by luxury.
  • Sharp and defined lines complemented by a dark colour palette of black and navy, with solid metallic, brass, bronze and copper tones.
  • This colour scheme meshes well with animal skin patterns and geometric shapes.
  • Materials include solid dark woods, studded embellishments and black marble.


  • Personalised leather accessories, from notebooks, tablet cases, laptop cases pencil cases, envelopes, greeting cards, compendium, cardholders, and passport holders, to mobile phone covers, wallets, bags, keyrings and clutches are an absolute essential.
  • A timeless statement piece that adds an extra layer of chic to your work ensemble and desk.

Watercolour Splashes

  • Add a burst of colour to your stationery collection with watercolour.
  • It is very easy to find diaries, pencils, folders, invitation templates, tags etc.
  • These vibrant tones will be sure to brighten the dullest and dreariest of days.

Inspirational Quotes

  • Sometimes we need that extra boost to motivate us throughout the day.
  • Stationery items covered with inspirational text is exactly what you need.
  • Positivity and optimism are essential for you to get through each day.

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