Organising Your Home Office to Improve Creativity & Productivity

Organising Your Home Office to Improve Creativity & Productivity


Organising Your Home Office to Improve Creativity & Productivity

Organising your home office is of prime importance to ensure you’re working with a high level of productivity. There are multiple things to consider when it comes to organising your home office. Where will you put things so you can find them easily, but they don’t get in the way? How will you keep your home office desk clear of clutter? Where will you store machinery such as printers and shredders? All of these questions and more are answered below. Here’s how to organise your home office to create a more positive workspace:


It’s essential that you declutter your home office as a first step. First, throw out anything that is clearly rubbish. Next, get out the shredder and get rid of confidential papers that you no longer need. Ensure you keep original ID documents and anything that you still need for tax purposes.

Use a Filing System

Now that you’ve gone through and removed papers you no longer need, you’ll have less stuff to fit into your filing cabinets. While you’re managing your files and paper trays, make sure your current system is working for you, and consider if your file categories are accurate. You may also have notebooks of information that you may want to either file or digitalise by scanning.

Use a Corkboard or a Whiteboard

If you’re someone who likes to brainstorm, make use of whiteboards and cork boards for notes and ideas as a way of keeping your thoughts nice and tidy. Whiteboards are great for keeping track of current goals or priorities.

Use a Dedicated Room

You should use a dedicated room as an office to ensure you have a mental division between work time and downtime. This will also lessen distractions from family, as they’ll know that when you’re in your office, you’re busy working.

Consider Furniture Placement

One of the most important aspects of your home office is your choice of desk placement. Some people like to face their office desk towards a window so they can stare out and absentmindedly problem solve, while other people find windows too distracting. Whatever your preference is, consider the light source you’re working with and how you want your office desk in relation to it. Remember that if you’re doing a lot of Zoom calls, you won’t want the light source coming from behind you, as your face won’t be visible on the calls. You should also choose an office chair that complements your desk.

Think About Storage

There are a lot of tools that you need in an office, such as printers and shredders as well as office stationery (pens, markers, highlighters, stapler, etc.). You will need storage for each of these items. Perhaps your printer is close to your desk so that it’s easily accessible, but your shredder could be stored in a cupboard if you don’t use it often. As for stationery and office supplies, use cupboards or drawers for anything that isn’t used frequently, leaving on your desk only things that you use every day. Similarly, notes and flags can be kept nearby for easy access. Considering how often you use items is key to organising your home office.

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