How You Can Use Colour to Your Advantage

How You Can Use Colour to Your Advantage


Colour is a powerful tool when it comes to the mind - it can change the way you feel and react to your environment.

Use colour to your advantage in the workplace by selecting the right coloured product to get the best out of its function. You never know, choosing the right coloured stationery could not only effect your mindset, but your colleagues too!

See how the primary colours below can be used in the most effective way possible on your desk, or in the office.

Clean, Organised, Calming.

Blue is used frequently in corporate branding, fostering a sense of trust and professionalism. It's a calming colour, and can help stimulate clear thought.

Best Products for Blue:
Use blue suspension files and ring binders to keep your desk looking clean & feeling organised.

Alerting, Responsive, Creative.

Yellow is the most visible colour to the human eye, and creates a sense of alertness. It is often used as a call to action for reminder notes, or to-do lists, as it warrants a response.

Best Products for Yellow:
Use yellow highlighters and sticky notes to keep reminders front of mind in notebooks & on your desk.

Urgent, Important, Actionable.

Red is eye catching, and evokes a sense of urgency. It's the perfect colour to assist with prioritisation of important tasks to action.

Best Products for Red:
Use red flags to remember pages with "those important notes" or a red marker to keep track of "those important actions" on documents.

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