How To Organise (or Re-organise) Your Work Desk

How To Organise (or Re-organise) Your Work Desk


In most office workplaces, employees are responsible for keeping their own desks tidy and organised. However, it can be difficult to know where to begin when it comes to organising your desk. Here are some top tips from Office Choice to help ensure your desk is well organised.

Start With the Right Desk

Before considering how your desk is organised, it’s essential to make sure you have the right desk to begin with. An ergonomic sit-stand option such as the Standesk Electric Sit Stand Workstation can help promote productivity, leading to improved organisation and an increased ability to keep on top of tasks. You might also like to look for furniture that boasts organisational features, such as under-desk drawers that allow you to store items away out of sight.

Keep Documents Tidy

Most messy desks are overflowing with documents and loose scraps of paper, making it almost impossible to locate what you need. To improve organisation and make your desk tidier, a document tray such as the Italplast A4 Document Tray can be used to store documents in a neat pile. For folders and magazines, a product such as the Italplast Desk Access Magazine File can also assist in keeping your desk top looking clear and uncluttered.

Ensure You Have the Stationery You Need

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to get work done and realising you don’t have the stationery you need to complete the task. Ensure you’re organised by stocking up on essential stationery items and keeping them close to your desk at all times, either within a desk drawer or in a stationery caddy such as the Italplast Desk Organiser. Stationery essentials you might like to consider include Pilot erasable gel pens, Artline permanent markers and Staedtler highlighter sets.

Be Selective About What Goes on Your Desk

While some people are naturally minimalistic in their approach to their desk top, many find it difficult to figure out what should be placed on their desk and what should be stored away. It’s important to be selective about the items you choose to display, as too many items can quickly lead to a cluttered desk.

Most workers choose to keep a notepad or journal on their desk to take down notes, such as the Vauxhall Original A5 Journal. Another popular choice is Post It Notes, allowing you to create quick memos and reminders. It’s also recommended that you keep a charging cable for your phone on your desk at all times, such as the Kensington Power & Sync Lightning Cable for iPhones and iPads.

Get Organised Today

Office Choice is proud to stock a wide range of organisational desk products to help you stay focused and productive in the workplace. Browse our comprehensive range online or in-store today to find the products you need to get organised and stay organised.

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