6 Essentials for Paper Crafts

6 Essentials for Paper Crafts



Having a wide range of different papers will ensure your crafts collection is ready for anything. Paper is an affordable resource and comes in a variety of different sizes, thicknesses and transparencies to suit different crafts. For example, tissue paper is ideal for wrapping items, while translucent glassine paper can be used for envelopes and bags. There’s also lightweight crepe paper that can be used to make flowers, party accessories and paper costumes, as well as thin origami paper that comes in a variety of patterns and textures and is ideal for collages.

Paper Guillotine

A paper guillotine is an essential tool for paper crafts, used to produce even and accurate cuts. More efficient than cutting paper by hand, a paper guillotine can be used to cut larger pieces of paper into smaller shapes for scrap booking and other paper craft activities. All paper guillotines require minimal skill, but a certain level of precaution needs to be taken while using them. The blades can be quite sharp, so ensure that all fingers are kept away from the cutting edge.


A variety of good scissors are crucial for ensuring your paper crafts are of the highest standard and useful for cutting shapes with intricate lines and details. It’s therefore important to have a range of different scissor sizes and types on hand to cut different things. For example, material scissors are useful for cutting fabrics, while standard scissors are best for paper. Using the best scissors for different tasks will mean you won’t dull them as frequently. Scissors also come with a range of different blade designs, including zig-zag and wavy.


Paint is ideal for paper crafts, as it can be used on a majority of paper materials. It also comes in a variety of types, including water-based, oil-based, gloss, matte and acrylic. Paint pens with opaque ink work particularly well on glossy paper and nonporous surfaces like plastic and shells. If you use it on paper, ensure your work bench is securely covered, as the ink can bleed through.

Cutting Mats

Cutting mats are perfect for when you need to use craft knives to cut cardboard and foam. A cutting mat ensures that you won’t damage your work surface with scratches and cuts. A mat made from a self-healing material will resist wear and tear and last for years, making it a valuable asset to your paper crafts collection.

Hot Glue Guns

A hot glue gun is the perfect solution to ensure your crafts dry firmly and quickly – just make sure that the glue you use is acid-free to prevent it from turning yellow over time. Hot glue guns are ideal for gluing fabric, paper, wood, sequins, plastic and more, with different temperatures able to be used for different materials. A low temperature is suitable for delicate materials such as flowers, paper, fabric or foam, while a high temperature is used for small craft projects or home repairs that involve heavy materials.

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