6 Desk Organisation Hacks to Boost Productivity at Work

6 Desk Organisation Hacks to Boost Productivity at Work


6 Desk Organisation Hacks to Boost Productivity at Work

If your workspace is cluttered, then it’s likely that your mind is too. That’s why it’s so important to keep your personal belongings in order on your desk and to have systems to keep clutter at bay. If you have a messy desk space, whether you work from home or from an office, our desk organisation hacks are here to help!

Attend to a Dirty Table Surface

One easy thing you can do to keep your office desk uncluttered and clean is to always take away your dirty dishes, banana skins, used mugs or coffee cups, etc., and either wash them or put them in the trash. Nothing is more of an eyesore than unclean dishes and rubbish in the office that hasn’t been dealt with. Equally, trash cans need to be emptied daily.

Get Rid of Junk

If there’s anything that you no longer need on your home office desk which can be thrown out, do it now. We know it can feel overwhelming to clear through papers, getting the shredders out and going through those in / out trays, but it really must be done. Just focus on one task at a time.

Implement a Filing System

You’re going to have documents and files that you need to store somewhere – that’s a given. So think about what filing trays and cabinets might suit your needs. Do you need to be scanning documents so that they can be kept in digital form? This will remove a lot of paper clutter from your desk right away.

Choose the Right Stationery

You don’t need all the stationery you own on your desk all the time. Try keeping the things you need for the day at your desk. You can use longer term storage for items that are needed less frequently. Similarly, segmenting your desk and keeping similar items together will help you know where everything is kept.

Cable Management & Electronics Placement

Cables can quickly create a disorganised look in an office, so it’s worth trying to neaten them up using cable ties or hooks so they keep together nicely. It’s good to have a shelf or drawer nearby where you can store your electronics if they’re not crucial to your work. Get in the habit of keeping electronics off the table to prevent clutter.

Project Management Tools

There are a multitude of methods when it comes to project management. Some people love using a notice board for notes, while others swear by project management software. It may take a bit of trial and error to see what works best for you, but once you find it, stick with it!

Boost Your Productivity Today

At Office Choice, we’ve got all the tools that a productive workplace needs to stay on track. Browse our range online today or give us a call on 1300 360 213 there’s something in particular you need. We’d love to help you optimise your workplace.

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